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I'm Heather, your Wellness Concierge. If you're anything like me, you are busy and constantly on the move. Yet, your body, mind, and soul crave to be nurtured and prioritized. Am I Right? I get it. Life is busy, and we often find ourselves running in circles trying to balance work, family, and all of the societal expectations that hinder our personal growth and the ability to be our true, authentic selves. It's time you feel safe and free to embrace the holistic lifestyle you long for, even if it means going against the grain. 

Ready to hit the wellness reset button?  

If you are familiar with the airline scenario where you are encouraged to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others, then you'll understand our own wellness journey is the exact same way. In order to show up for yourself and others, you must fuel your mind, body, and soul with the tools, modalities, and nutrition that empower you to live a happy and healthy life.     

Even better, if you're eager to get started right away, I invite you to check out some of our programs, which you can do right from your own home. We've got clients all over who are seeing massive results with the tools and guidance provided in each program, so no matter where you are in your wellness journey, we have something just for you. 

It's OK to be a rebel by prioritizing yourself. Life is too fast to keep putting your needs on the back burner! Your wellness journey is unique to you. From one woman to another, I've got your back. I'd love to hop on a call to set you up with the experience of a lifetime, leading you to the results you're longing to achieve. 

At Rebolistic Wellness, this is exactly what we so passionately set out to achieve. To start, we offer concierge wellness retreats so you can step aside from the daily grind and reconnect with yourself, your purpose, your passions, and, of course, your health. Set near Florida's scenic beaches and downtown historic St. Augustine, our luxury wellness getaways are customized to exceed your personal needs and desires down to every last detail.




Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness
Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness

You're in the 



Rebolistic Wellness was created for all of the amazing women out there, like you, who are ready to step out of their box of limitations and are eager and ready to shine. The word Rebolistic is a unique play on words that combines "rebel" and "holistic" because in order to step into your most authentic and liberated version of yourself, it requires you to step out and do something different. And that's OK because rebels are allowed to resist social norms. You see, we are each uniquely created, and in order to live that holistic life, it necessitates tapping into your inner rebel side and relinquishing societal expectations that hold us back.

Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness
Graphics at Rebolistic Holistic
Meet Heather Beebe
Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness
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is how you 
take your


Lalah Dalia

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 Luxury Wellness Retreats

bringing you closer to what matters most in life.

We are a place ideal for rejuvenation and wellness transformation. Our concierge wellness retreats are uniquely curated to foster a time for physical, emotional, and spiritual resets. Retreats are the perfect occasion for                            aspiring to slow down, reconnect with themselves, and detox from the stressors in their lives so they can find inner peace and tranquility.

individuals, couples & groups

Your Beautiful Soul


With Your Partner



With Others

Individual Health Retreat
Ladies Wellness Retreat
Couples Retreat

Every aspect of our Individual Signature wellness retreat creates a blissful experience for those looking to reawaken their mind, body, and soul, allowing them to reconnect with their purpose, passion, and inner being. Filled with personal touches from our luxurious accommodations, rejuvenating wellness experiences, and farm-to-table dining experiences, you'll leave feeling invigorated and renewed. 

Our exquisite couples' retreats are for dynamic duos, just like you, who know a retreat is exactly what you need to keep your special spark going strong. Turn off the outside world and step away from your daily routine as you make time and space to reconnect and grow even deeper as a couple. You're sure to create new memories, join energies, and strengthen your  bond. 

Life is more rewarding when you are surrounded by deep and meaningful relationships. Enjoy a re-energizing getaway with your girlfriends, family members, or dynamic team. Create a unique and impactful experience to deepen connections while enjoying the beach, time at our energetic wellness center, or private pampering sessions, all of which make this a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

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Retreat Packages

This package is a perfect fit for individuals seeking the opportunity to relax, unwind, and restore their mind, body, and soul. Your visit includes the following signature luxuries along with additional customizable add-ons:

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  • Extravagant accommodations that meet your individual preferences.  Details will be discussed with your wellness concierge.

  • Personal touches that appeal to all of your senses to make the space uniquely yours during your stay

  • We offer all-inclusive Farm-to-table meals that cater to your eating preferences. We strive for local and/or sustainably sourced ingredients as much as possible.

  • Mini facial & mini makeover so you can let your inner "rebel" shine bright

  • Guided and invigorating breath work coupled with a soothing sound bath 

  • Energy healing with a certified wellness coach

  • Personalized health and wellness sessions with a certified health coach based on wellness goals

  • Movement Sessions based on preference (yoga, personal training, etc.)

  • 1 hour in a healing energy session at a local wellness center

  • Sunrise or sunset qigong session (dependent on location and weather)

  • 1-3 workshops based on the client's individual goals. (mindset, nutrition, finances, purpose, etc.)

  • Quiet time for rest, reflection so you can soak up the beautiful surroundings 

Sunshine at Rebolistic Wellness



Indvidual Signature Retreat for Women
Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness
Sunshine at Rebolistic Wellness

This signature package is uniquely designed for our power couples who wish to build upon their foundation that has already created much success in their relationship and are seeking to keep their special flame going strong. Each of our sessions is crafted to take your relationship to the next level as you draw closer physically mentally, and emotionally.

Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness

  • Hand-selected accommodations that meet your individual preferences.      Details will be arranged with your wellness concierge.

  • Personal touches added to appeal to all your senses and to make the space extra special

  • Farm-to-table meals provided throughout your stay accommodate your eating styles.  When possible, we strive to support local and/or sustainably sourced ingredients

  • 3-step Emotional Mastery Mapping Workshop 

  • Deeper Connection Through Compassionate Communication Workshop

  • Guided breath work and soothing sound bath session

  • Workshop: Tell Me What You Like: Discover Your Sexual Blueprint 

  • Personalized health and wellness guidance 

  • Movement (yoga, personal training, etc. based on preferences)

  • Sunrise or sunset qigong session (dependent on location and weather)

  • A surprise date, curated by the wellness concierge 

  • Alone time for rest, reflection, and enjoying the beautiful surroundings 



Couples Signature Retreats
Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness
Sunshine at Rebolistic Wellness

Each group experience is customized between you and your wellness concierge to uniquely fit your special occasion. This packages is a perfect fit for girl's getaways, mother/ daughter retreats, or even professional team building experiences. 

Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness

  • Beautiful accommodations hand-selected based on your group's requirements  (Details to be discussed with wellness concierge)

  • Personal touches to create memories to last a lifetime

  • Farm-to-table meals (all meals provided) that cater to your eating preferences. We strive for local and/or sustainably sourced ingredients as much as possible.

  • Rotating breakout sessions that take place throughout the weekend and include customizations such as mini facials, individual belief code sessions, individual health coaching, a stretch session with personal trainer, and more! These options will be customized with the wellness concierge

  • Guided breath work and soothing sound bath session

  • Group fitness and/or yoga led by personal trainer

  • Sunrise or sunset qigong session (dependent on location and weather)

  • 1-3 group workshops based on the group’s focus. These could be related to money mindset, business, health and wellness, fitness, etc.  

  • Alone time for rest, reflection, and enjoying the beautiful surroundings

  • These retreats can meet the needs of groups seeking personal and/or professional growth and will be curated accordingly.

Group retreats for women



Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness
Ladies retreat for all occasions

Curate your


Let's talk at Rebolistic Wellness

Schedule a Call

I am here to guide you as you create the retreat of your dreams. Schedule a complimentary call with me, your Wellness Concierge. Together, we'll examine your health goals and preferences to create a custom plan to treat and pamper you like the beautiful rebel you are. 

Fine tune your visit

Fine Tune

On our call, we will fine-tune your one-of-a-kind experience based on your preferences and customization requests. Choose your lavish accommodations, wellness sessions, and dining preferences. During your call with me, I will get to know you and ensure you create a unique-to-you experience that exceeds your expectations. 

Choose your retreat at Rebolistic Holistic

Book Your Retreat

Once your retreat has been scheduled, I will be in touch with you every step of the way to ensure your travel itinerary, accommodations, and sessions are scheduled to suit your desired experience. We look forward to catering to your goals and wishes during your stay with us down to every last detail. 

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It's time for you to pack your bags and let your beautiful rebel side shine.  We want you to sit back, relax, and get ready for the experience of your life. 


 Making a Real



Heather Beebe Free Download
Heather Beebe  Freebie
This is absolutely possible, but in light of being fully transparent it does take intentional action and a bit of grace to make these lifestyle changes.   With The Visionary's Guide to Slow Living  you will effortlessly integrate simple steps that will ultimately lead to lasting well-being. 
Together, I will walk you through the proven steps I have used time and time again with my clients who have gained massive results.  Creating space for mindfulness, quality nutrition, and a focus on overall wellness are the keys to making this powerful shift.  

Grab your copy for       today!


What if you could upgrade your lifestyle and shift to a happier, healthier, and more mindful version of you?


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Thanks! Your copy will be emailed to you shortly!

Heather Beebe podcast
Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness
Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness

Let's Get Real!

Join me on my podcast for authentic and unfiltered conversations about real-world issues we face every day as we maneuver through life to achieve wellness while seeking self-worth. "Who the Hell am I: Identity and Wellbeing also delves into the essence of living authentically while rediscovering the simplicity of nourishment and holistic living.

I invite you to join me on a journey of unraveling the complexities of modern health and wellness, where we liberate ourselves from the clutter of trendy diets, perplexing wellness regimes, and the societal pressures dictating our daily lifestyles. This podcast dares to challenge the "shoulds" and "have to's" that have long defined conventional notions of health and identity.

You can find me on ...

Listen to Healther Beebe on Spotify
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What if there WAS a way to quickly remove all of the emotional blocks that have been holding you back from achieving the ideal results you're looking for?   

 A 45-day guided program to take you from feeling ordinary to feeling extraordinary!

Say "Hello" to



Are you looking for a way to increase your energy?

Want to reduce inflammation within your body?

What if you could begin waking up with stamina and enthusiasm for the day?

That’s exactly why I created Conscious Wellness. I want to help you feel good in your body from the inside out. 

Let's work together to remove your box of limitations so you can step into the best version of you. 

my Guide to Masterful Ingredient Storage on Amazon.

my featured article with the Mentors Collective

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Mentors Article with Heather Beebe

to my guest appearance on the  Sit Crooked, Talk Straight Podcast


Listen to Heather Beebe as a guest on podcast
Heather Beebe on the Buzz Jacksonville
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Graphic at Rebolistic Wellness

Additional Resources

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