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Wellness Team



Our top-notch wellness team is loaded with degrees, certifications, and credentials galore in a variety of wellness  and leadership modalities.  We feel incredibly honored that each of them partnered up with Rebolistic Wellness because they each bring a great deal of knowledge, insights, skills, and intuitive gifts.  Read below to get to know our powerhouse team so you'll feel as if you've known them for years before you arrive at your wellness retreat.

Sunshine at Rebolistic
EnergySpa at Rebolistic

Sheila and her group are dedicated to the wellness space and offer a vast range of modalities, from intuitive healing sessions to breathwork and microcirculation treatments, just to name a few. 

In addition, their facility, which is located in St. Augustine, houses what they fondly call The Portal, otherwise known as an EE System.  The Portal is a peaceful and Zen-like oasis where you can relax, quiet the mind, and go inward toward finding inner peace, self-love, and restoration while soaking up energetic frequencies to help you find balance throughout your body, mind, and soul.

Triangle at Rebolistic
Sunshine at Rebolistic

Brandee Lynn Jui, is the visionary behind Zen Vida Alchemy & Sound Baths.  She is an international sound practitioner who is passionate about sharing and guiding individuals on a journey inward through the simple yet profound transformative power of sound frequencies and various high-vibrational instruments. Immersing oneself in the harmonious sounds orchestrated by Brandee Lynn creates a conducive and nurturing space to effortlessly connect and move into a deep meditative state with ease, allowing your body to naturally recalibrate, realign, and revitalize its energetic essence. Discover and experience the ability of sound to calm your nervous system, connect to your inner wisdom, enrich your meditation practice, cultivate inner peace, and ignite a newfound zest for life.



Brandee at Rebolistic
Sunshine at Rebolistic
Leanne at Rebolistic



I am a proud mompreneur of three crazy and amazing kiddos and a wife of 20 years. As a 'retired' Executive Director, I must admit I am a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser. On top of that I am a Licensed Psychotherapist. I am the oldest sister of 7. I am a daughter. I am a CEO. I am a dreamer. I am a Visionary. I am many things—just like all of you!

My Energy and Purpose comes from connecting with other women and helping them see just how powerful and freaking amazing they truly are. I thrive daily in doing my best and living out my most present, fulfilled, and grateful life.

My Coaching and Leadership style is a captivating blend of alchemy and nurturing. With an air of mystique surrounding me, I possess the innate ability to transform challenges into opportunities, much like an alchemist transmuting base metals into precious gems.

My mastery lies in my Intuitive Visionary Perspective. I have an innate ability to see what's possible, often long before my clients can envision it for themselves. I guide my clients to see the bigger picture and offer them the path to success that they might not have considered.

My presence has been described as "magnetic", exerting a powerful gravitational pull on those around her. I am an expert in strategic thinking, where I effortlessly combine diverse elements to create innovative solutions.

Just as an alchemist meticulously mixes ingredients to craft elixirs, I am able to weave together the strengths, visions, and energy of my clients, forging a harmonious synergy that propels their dream and legacy forward.

Yet, I have been told it is my nurturing spirit that sets me apart. My deep rooted value and gift of compassion and empathy serve as the fertile soil in which my clients flourish. I provide unwavering support, guiding and empowering my clients to reach their full potential. My ability to inspire and mentor is a testament to my commitment to the personal and professional growth of those around me.

Sunshine at Rebolistic



Keri has held C-level roles in various organizations of various sizes, both public and private. In the past twenty years, she has specialized in helping technology, manufacturing, and engineering companies disrupt their sector with entrepreneurial, innovative success across the globe. Currently, Keri is a keynote speaker and author. She earned her undergraduate degree focusing on Organizational Behavior from the prestigious Rollins College, where she also earned her Master's Degree in Human Capital Management. She now teaches graduate-level coursework related to strategy, planning, talent optimization, culture building, and more. She is also certified in Change Management and is a Certified Executive Leadership Development Coach who has coached more than 250 of the top executives and entrepreneurs. As a keynote speaker and author, Keri motivates and develops individuals and groups to lead confidently, starting with creating the right mindset relating to personal growth and money.

Kerilaine at Rebolistic
Sunshine at Rebolistic
Grethe at Rebolistic


Grethe takes pride in blending science and spirituality for transformational healing. With two decades of dedication to the Law of Attraction and multiple certifications in energy healing (Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code, PSYCH-K®) and tantra massage, Grethe stands as a beacon of guidance for those seeking profound life changes. Her scientific acumen, rooted in a Master's in Toxicology and extensive experience in Environmental Management, harmonizes with her spiritual healing skills, offering a powerful, results-driven approach to personal growth and healing. Grethe offers 1-1 Rapid Mind Reset sessions, tantra massages, workshops, and retreats.


Sunshine at Rebolistic

Bruce Blauer, or as he is referred to in his healing circles, as Baba Buddha a healing alias,  is the founder of Tranquil Transformational Healing. He is a certified Reiki Mastery, Qigong Instructor, and Breathwork Master facilitator with degrees in Eastern Bodyworks Massage Therapy.  In addition, Bruce has a BA of Arts from UCLA in Theater, Film, and Television.  He is the guide and creator of the Series "Magnetic Mastery" methods and programs: Magnetic Mental Mastery, Magnetic Breath Mastery, and The Change Your Story Challenge.  His courses are designed to guide the student into a deeper understanding of the neuroscience of the brain and the energetics of the mind by utilizing breathwork as a tool for accessing higher brainwave states and biohacking the nervous system to regulate the body's autonomic systems. It has become his life's purpose to help men and women remember the power that lies inherent in them simply through the physical vessel that they inhabit as souls. Bruce offers mentorships and his students report feeling less stress, less anxiety, and a deep sense of calm and peace, as well as having tapped into an unknown sense of self in their exploration of higher states of consciousness. He welcomes us all to be "Masters of our Will" and asks us all to "Breathe with Me".  



Bruce at Rebolistic
Sunshine at Rebolistic
Claribel at Rebolistic



Hi! I’m Claribel Corona, your sunshine-loving guide to embracing confidence and radiance from within. Originally from NY, but found my heart’s home in St. Augustine, Florida 18 years ago! I’ve personally walked the path of self-doubt, battled body image struggles, and faced the challenges of living with Crohn’s Disease. And NOW, embracing midlife challenges! Through it all, I’ve discovered my mission: to empower women like you to rewrite their stories, to silence their inner critics, and to radiate confidence from every pore. At Clarity with Claribel, I offer a sanctuary where wellness and beauty intertwine. Through personalized health and wellness coaching and beauty training, I guide you in developing healthy habits, nurturing self-love practices, and uncovering your beauty from within. Together, we’ll embark on a journey to discover your unique glow, learn the art of skincare, and create personalized makeup styles that celebrate your individuality. We’ll take strides towards confidence, empowerment, and self-love with every step. Because you, my dear, deserve to shine brightly, unapologetically, and beautifully.

Sunshine at Rebolistic


Lauren is a fitness coach with 6 years of experience. Her background in Exercise Science and personal training has allowed her to help people meet their fitness goals through online and in-person training. She has a positive mindset on fitness and wellness that will make workouts enjoyable and tailored to your fitness abilities. Lauren's enthusiasm will have you feeling refreshed after each and every workout!

Lauren at Rebolistic



Sunshine at Rebolistic
Roselyn at Rebolistic



Roselyn Perez has over ten years of experience in the human behavioral field, which she acquired through her clinical practice in clinical social work. Her experience working with different populations and clinical approaches has led her to identify one common denominator in every client, regardless of their situation: the lack of self-awareness. This realization led her to develop her three-step method of mapping how to tap into subconscious emotions, causing the root of patterns and unwanted behaviors, transforming them into clients' desires, and living a successful life with long-lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Sunshine at Rebolistic



I had the idea for She Is Fierce! many years ago ... and worked for YEARS for media organizations pitching the idea that women need non-cheesy, practical support and a community to grow their careers, businesses, and lives. I never convinced anyone else to start my big idea - so I did it myself! She Is Fierce! launched in my hometown of St. Augustine, Florida in 2015. Since then, our online development and networking membership community has included women in nine countries, hundreds of women around the world have contributed articles and perspectives on the flagship site, and more than 150,000 women follow SIF! on social media. I founded She Is Fierce! as a place for female leaders and women on the rise to come together in a supportive community. As a result of our community, so many women are thriving!

Kelly at Rebolistic
Sunshine at Rebolistic



Jared's musical odyssey began with a guitar at the age of 20, sparking a lifelong passion for exploring diverse instruments and sounds. Since settling in St. Augustine in 2018, Jared has cultivated a rich tapestry of musical expertise, encompassing everything from African Djembes, to various flutes, Handpans, sound bowls and much more. In 2020, Jared discovered his true calling as a sound journey guide, creating safe and transformative spaces for meditation, release, and community connection. As the proud owner of Peace In A Nutshell and 3rd Wave Coffee Roasters, Jared's dedication to fostering community and spreading positivity extends beyond his sound journeys, embodying a commitment to enriching lives through the power of music and connection.

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