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Wellness Routine: What Should it Look Like?

I believe that the reason we so often fail at attempts to better our wellness is because we overthink what is required of us.

We think we must get that gym membership and go five days a week. We must meal prep fancy meals. We must show up regularly at yoga, etc.

There is nothing wrong with any of these things. My point is not “don’t do them”. My point is this: What brings you joy TODAY?

If your lifestyle right now makes you feel stressed about fitting in the gym, how else can you move your body? If you don’t like cooking and feel stress around meal prepping, how else can you get nourishing meals?If yoga and meditation aren’t your thing, what IS your thing? How can you practice mindfulness in a way that feels good to YOU?

Of course, there are ways to go deeper and explore why you might feel a certain way about these things, but that deeper exploration must come from curiosity and a desire to understand yourself compassionately. So often, we approach it with judgment and even fear of what others will think of us if we AREN’T engaging in what appears to be the perfect healthy lifestyle.

Ask yourself each day: How can I move my body today? How can I nourish my body today? How can I nourish my mind today?

These answers might change daily. That’s ok. Health and wellness don’t have to look the same every day. Allow space and grace for the ebbs and flows of life, for THAT is where we can begin to ENJOY leading a healthy life that works for us and lose the stress around the appearance of it.

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