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Mind, Body, & Soul?

Are You Looking for a 



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Did you know?

7 out of  10 Americans say they need to take a break.

Each year, more and more individuals report feelings of            and          



55% of Americans said they are               during the day, and 94 % of individuals asked reported they have                         at work.


chronic stress

It's time to hit the
reset  button.

Why get away?

There is always something to complete on your ever-growing checklist, between answering phone calls or responding to phone texts, as well as household tasks and chores to do.  Imagine if you made the time to put yourself first and prioritize your health.  We think our tailored retreats are the perfect opportunity to:


Let the tension and stress melt away as you step away from your daily hustle and bustle.   A body that is stressed and tense is in fight or flight mode, meaning one's adrenals are on overload just to keep up.  It's time to remove the weight of the world off of your shoulders.  It's not meant for you to carry day in and day out.


Come relax at one of our luxurious retreats and enjoy taking the time to relax, unwind, and come away feeling renewed


There is noise all around us starting with notifications on our phones from text messages, calls, and social media alerts.  Likewise, we constantly surround ourselves with the TV and the voices and opinions of those closest to us.  

It is time to reconnect with yourself, your partner, or your group. 

Let all of the outside chatter go and tune into your inner self to reconnect with your authentic selves and discover there is so much more to you than what you are hearing from the outside world. 


Just like we give our physical body food and water on a daily basis, we must nourish our body, mind, and soul with wellness modalities so you can look and feel your best. Take a deep breath, consciouly breath, and slow down your body, mind, and soul so your body can relax, repair and restore.

Thanks to our amazing coaches, instructors, and mentors, you'll leave our retreats feeling younger, lighter,  ready to return to your life with new perspectives, mindsets, and a renewed zest for life.   

Your future self will say "thank you!"

Let go of everyday stressors while soaking up healing sounds, energies, and frequencies during some of your hand-selected sessions.

Enjoy tranquil accommodations just steps away from the beach.

Create a safe space to address health or emotional issues that you are ready to release

Let go of and heal from emotional experiences in the past

Reconnect with your inner-self and begin to restore inner peace with self

Repair your body with customized energetic modalities based on preferences and abilities.

Signature Features


Breath Work


Personal training

Wellness Coaching

Sound Baths

Energy detox & rebalancing

Energy Healing

Alone time for rest reflection 

Workshop based on individual's goals (money, executive coaching, diet, passion, & purpose)


You to be pampered, so you can expect to be treated from start to finish during your stay.

Opening and closing ceremonies

Personal touches to appeal to all of your senses. 

Mini facials & Mini Makeovers

Farm-to Table Meals to meet your dietary preferences

Parting Gift

Organic Teas & Coffees

Cold pressed juices

Journal to log your weekend thoughts & experiences


This is not for....

Individuals who do not like or embrace change,  or are not willing to mute the voices of the outside world.  So many people want to "take a pill" to numb their physical or mental pain, but that does not resolve their current situation


Instead, our retreats are ideal for those who are ready for mindset shifts, new perspectives, and transformation

mind, body, and soul.



Food for thought..

Each of us is going to pay for our health and wellness.  The question is whether you want to invest in a dynamic future or constantly play the catch-up game

The choice is yours.

We are going to invest our money somewhere.  Statistics show on average Americans spend

$80 billion a year to eat out

$253 billion a year on alcohol &

 $158 billion a year on entertainment

But all of those are temporary or fleeting investments

The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself.

Heather large image.png

About   eather


Over the years as a wellness mentor, I've helped numerous women change their mindset around health and wellness, revamp their busy lives to be wellness-focused with ease and grace that they didn't know was possible to create healthier habits, build confidence, and feel energized. 

Each time I work with a client, I notice one thing each of them has in common.  Everyone says their daily routines are so busy that they prioritize everyone else ahead of their own needs physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

I started Rebolistic Wellness Retreats to give ladies like you, couples, and small groups the opportunity to step away from their daily grind so they can prioritize their mental and physical health. 

As your wellness concierge, it lights me up to work with my clients to create the wellness experience of a lifetime.  Say goodbye to generic retreats that try to fit everyone into a one size fits all box and say hello to a personalize experience that we will curate together.  Our team of experts ensures every last detail aligns with YOUR goals.  

You do not have to settle for ordinary when you can embrace extraordinary.  At Rebolistic Wellness, your journey is crafted just for you from sun up to sun down.  No more cookie cutter schedules.

Let me design your dream retreat so you can transform your health and your life!

Our Retreats are Perfect for....



seeking to take time to focus on their health and mindset. 


who are going strong but are looking to up-level their connection 

Small Groups

ranging for a ladies' getaway, reunions, or team retreats.

Steps to Transformation

1.  Schedule a call with our wellness concierge

Connect heart to heart with Heather, our wellness concierge, as you explore options for creating a tailored experience just for you (and your group).  Heather will guide you toward the modalities and sessions that will have the biggest impact for you and ensure you're on the track for transformation. 

2.  Enjoy your custom retreat

During your stay with us, you will be pampered from start to end.  With every detail curated with you in mind, you'll be sure to enjoy luxurious acommodations, foods to suit your palette, and the hand-selected wellness sessions with our dynamic team

3  Bring your retreat home with you

The transformation and momentum does not stop when you leave St. Augustine.  Following your visit, you will have access to our follow up programs to ensure you have the support to keep your progress.  Depending on the session you book you will receive: 

- DIY health and wellness program

- Three virtual 1:1 coaching sessions


The answer is a resounding, yes!


Can I really 

my life in 3 days?

Our dynamic team filled with coaches, practitioners, and leading experts in their field are here to create a journey of growth and expansion for you.

You'll have the opportunity to ...

√ Break through limiting beliefs

√ Heal from past emotional wounds or experiences

√ Rediscover your authentic self

√ Connect to your inner wisdom and self

√ Breathe life into your body, mind and soul

Join me for my next
Live Webinar

I invite you to join my LIVE webinar on June 8th at 10 am.  I will be bringing my incredible team.  Together on the call, we will discuss the following: 

√ The Epidemic of chronic stress and fatigue & how these can manifest in your body

√ The silent link between your health & how it impacts your career and relationships

√ The role self care plays in combating chronic stress and fatigue

√ Easy stress-management techniques for high-stress moments along with deep breathing exercises for regulating the nervous system


How our comprehensive approach fosters balance and harmony in all areas of your life and how our customized experiences, uniquely curated for each client transform lives across all facets.

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