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Food Beliefs: Do you Dare to Challenge Them?

Updated: Apr 22

Give yourself permission to question everything you’ve come to believe is true about food. Things like carbs are bad. Fats make me fat.

Where do you begin?

Begin with the thing that feels the most true for you, the thing that scares you the most to let go of because you’ve believed in it for so long, yet maybe there’s a chance it isn’t actually serving you.

This is where food begins to get really individual for everyone because we all have formed different beliefs around food, based on our personal experiences.

One person might live by the belief that they need to avoid things like rice or bread religiously. Yet, their body may literally be needing these foods.Another person might believe they need to have a smoothie every morning because it is healthy for them, yet they can’t figure out why they feel so bloated every day.

The fact is, both of these beliefs are true, and both are false. What I mean by this is one person’s body might feel best when it gets rice or a good, clean bread in its diet. Another person’s body might feel off. One person might feel amazing after having their daily, nourishing smoothie. Another person might need something different.

What is happening in each of these scenarios is that each person is attaching themselves to a belief that they have been told is true universally, and therefore they are living by it, when maybe it isn’t THEIR truth.

This is why one person might thrive eating according to a certain diet, and their friend may feel their worst eating the very same diet.

I work with clients according to the mindset of listening to your body, a skill that is learned with practice. It isn’t a practice we are taught. We are taught numbers and good foods and bad foods. We are taught limitations and restrictions. We are not taught to enjoy food and to learn what works best for us so that we can live fully through food, while feeling our best.

Let me ask you this. What if you gave yourself space to learn your body according to how it feels and what it’s telling you, rather than according to what you’ve been told? How would your life change?

Imagine eating freely, feeling liberated with food because you’ve learned exactly what your body needs. Imagine letting go of the limiting beliefs you’ve held onto around food and your body. And imagine this liberation then expanding beyond your diet and into how you live your life!

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